Har-Brack High School
Class of 1964

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Har-Brack Then
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Har-Brack - Now Highlands
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  Reunion Pictures from  October 10, 2009

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Spoke with Rich Albaugh’s wife, Jan, yesterday, Tuesday, August 19th.
Rich is standing with assistance using a walker and taking a few steps.
In a day or two the plans are to move him to a step-down
unit. Thereafter, he will be transferred to West Penn Hospital’s
Rehab facility for further physical therapy until he is ready for discharge.
At that time he will be flown home to South Carolina.
Jan wants to THANK EVERYONE involved for the timely attention given
to her husband at the reunion in his hour of need. GREAT JOB folks!!
Quick thinking and action spared him possible side effects that
could have lasted a long time.